About us

A safe secure job does not exist anymore in the 21st century and for that matter the same could apply to many businesses. Do some research and see how many University Graduates are working as taxi drivers or in social services and how many empty commercial premises in your local high street are unoccupied ? Not to say that there is anything wrong with those occupations or businesses but that is a fact of life today.

We are about empowering people to take control of their lives , to take responsibility for their actions and achieve their desired results by partnering with us in global marketing projects.  We have been active in this arena for over 35 years and the kind of people that we particularly look for have three basic attributes.

1. They have a  goal and a vision for their future.

2. They are teachable.

3. They are willing to learn from those who have gone before and at the start, possibly do things that could well be outside of their comfort zone.

We find that many successful professionals are time bankrupt and team up with us with the sole purpose of getting back control of their time but in the process they  also experience significant growth in all areas of their lives including personal and financial. Having said that, our program and system will work for any one, profesionals and non professionals, who are saying enough is enough and are prepared to put in the effort to change the status quo.

Just as ships are not built to stay in the harbour, so it is with humans who are starting to look beyond the horizon. Only the ones who are willing step out into the unkown and ride the storms, waves and winds, will discover new “lands” and enjoy the calm that always follows stormy conditions!

So if you are a team player and have a vision for what you would look like your perfect day to look like , five or ten years from now but lack the vehicle to realise it, then partner with us and maybe we can make it happen for you.

Take the first step NOW,   click here for more information or send an email to semog@optusnet.com.au telling us a little about yourself and what your perfect day would look like.