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Mind Set

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you‘re right.” Henry Ford made this quote and it is absolutley true then and now. Most people  do not get ahead because they tell themselves they can’t do whatever they need to do to succeed. The world and the universe is always presenting to us opportunities and challenges but why do some people grab the opprtunities and deal with the challenges whilst most do not even get off the starting block? Or start and die in a very short space of time?

It could be that the majority are being  “fed” (not that they have to eat it) limiting thoughts. From my observation, most people spend more money from the neck down and almost nothing from the neck up! I have a saying that if you want to get depressed, listen to the news (print & TV). You really start to believe that the world is in a mess and yet out of that mess comes people like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs and Mother Teresa! Our education system was designed for the Industrial Age which is progressively shrinking especially in the Western world as smart technology has cut back the need for manpower. Today having a degree gives one the right to go and beg for a job and  so we have thousands of highly qualified people looking for that dream job. Being a cog in a wheel. And the ones who get them  usually finished up stressed, work crazy hours and scarifice a lot of family time – Nice House, nice car, nice clothes etc. but at what price?

To move ahead and achieve in the twentyfirst century requires a “Can do” mind set which is strongly influenced by the books one reads, the people one associates with and the ability and willigness to work with and as a team. Unless you can leverage with others, you will be limiting your potential to make it big and without the stress that comes from doing everything yourself!